About Pat Palumbo, CBR ePro

With all of the challenges involved in real estate what a client really wants is someone to hold their hand through the process. Your realtor has to be someone you trust implicitly to look out for your interests as well as someone who truly listens to your concerns and does their best to address and hopefully alleviate them. Imagine if your realtor could be the perfect blend of a sales agent, marketer, counselor and teacher? Kind of like Mary Poppins with a bag containing something to address every need! And if they don't have expertise in an area or know something first hand, they have a lengthy list of resources for you so there is always a plan. What you are really looking for is a real estate therapist! I do in fact hold a master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and I have come to realize that my training is not only a benefit, but in some cases the reason why I am able to truly help my clients. The reason why people seek therapy is change, pure and simple. Change can be positive, negative, by choice or forced upon us, but any kind of change requires some adjustment. An outside person who can guide you, point out the upside as well as the pitfalls and support you through the change can make all the difference. Most importantly therapists are trained listeners and both buyers and sellers need to have their needs heard in order for their needs to be addressed. Every single client has a story and unless you know and understand that story you are not doing your job as a realtor.



Pat Palumbo "The Real Estate Therapist" in Westchester, NY is excited to be a part of creating the futuristic role of Realtors in our communities.  Her training as a Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as a background in advertising & public relations, provide her clients with many resources.  Pat is also the facilitator of The Family Program in Croton Falls, NY. Her passions include family, theatre, philanthropy, reading, writing and travel.  In all things kindness, compassion & service.